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Welcome to the Qutex Documentation Page!


Qutex is a basic Queue Management System that was designed as a Cisco Webex bot. The primary goal was to provide a system, interactable within Cisco Webex, that can be used to manage shared resources or any other task where a queue might be helpful. It can be used to manage who is using a particular resource or it can be used to track whose turn it is to perform a particular task, such as doing Agile retrospectives or restocking the refridgerator.

Written in typescript, containerized via docker-compose, and hosted in AWS, it has been designed from the ground up to serve this one particular function.

Current Status


Test Coverage

Getting Started

In Qutex, simply add to any room or you can send a direct message. Once you have done that, you will need to create a project. A Qutex Project is essentially a "bucket" for Qutex Queues. You can create a qutex project with the command:

create project <project_name>

Where <project_name> is replaced with the name of the project you want to create.


Project names must be unique in qutex. Thus, you cannot create a project with a name that already exists. Additionally, the name of the project can only contain lowercase and uppercase alphabetical characters, spaces, and the underscore.


Your project will automatically be put in uppercase regardless of how it was entered



Whenever you are in a room, you must tag Qutex before the command in order for Qutex to respond.

When you issue the create project command, Qutex will create a project for you with a default queue (named "DEFAULT"), it will register your location to the newly created project, and it will assign you as an admin of the project.

Now you can begin using Qutex with the add me or add person command!

If you have any questions, you can use the help command.