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What is a Registration?

In Qutex, a registration is just a mapping of a project to a location. This means that only one project can be defined per location. It also means that data can be shared across locations that are registered to the same project.

What is a Location?

A location is either a Cisco Webex group (or room) or a direct message. Locations are registered to projects

Changing the Registration

Super Admin

You can change the registration of your location to a different project. Currently, in order to do this you must be a super administrator. You can do this by using the following command:

register to project <queue_name>
register to project valid
register to project NOT&^%VALID
^\s*register to project [\w\s]+\s*$

Check Registration


You can check the registration of your location by using the following command:

get registration
^\s*get registration\s*$

This should return a response similar to the following:


This destination is registered to project "EXAMPLE"