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What is a Project?

A project is essentially a collection of queues. Only one queue within a project can be set as the current queue. Additionally, a project contains administrators who are responsible for administrating the project.

Creating a New Project


You can create a qutex project with the command:

create project <project_name>
create project valid
create project NOT&^%VALID
^\s*create project [\w\s]+\s*$

You cannot create a project if the location you are in already has a project registered.


Project names must be unique in qutex. Thus, you cannot create a project with a name that already exists. Additionally, the name of the project can only contain lowercase and uppercase alphabetical characters, spaces, and the underscore.


Your project will automatically be put in uppercase regardless of how it was entered



Whenever you are in a room, you must tag Qutex before the command in order for Qutex to respond.

When you issue the create project command, Qutex will create a project for you with a default queue (named "DEFAULT"), it will register your location to the newly created project, and it will assign you as an admin of the project.


You can verify your project was created by issueing the list projects command

Modifying A Project Name

Unfortunately, modifying the name of an existing project is not currently possible with Qutex. You would need to delete the project and create a new one with the new name.

Deleting A Project

Project Admin

You can delete a qutex project with the following command:

delete project <project_name>
delete project valid
delete project NOT&^%VALID
^\s*(delete|remove) project [\w\s]+\s*$

Deleting a project is not reversible. The data will be permanantly deleted.


When a project is deleted, all corresponding registrations for all destinations will also be deleted.


You can verify your project was deleted by issuing the list projects command

Listing All Projects


Listing all projects that you have access to is possible with qutex by issuing the following command:

list projects
^\s*list projects\s*$

The only projects that will show up are projects that you have access to. This is determined by the projects on which you are a project administrator. Your projects will not show up for others and you will not see others' projects.